I work with my client's fragrant need and pair them with my custom collection, WhiffLoves ™. 

We offer room sprays, candles, and a custom Scent Design Program.  

Our Spelaity,  we can start an order with a dozen units.

 I know it is a new idea for most to scent a space..but scent design has so many benefits and it changes how we feel in a space.  As a Perfumer and Scent Designer to some of the top International Brands, quality is important to me.   All of my fragrances are handmade from pure botanical ingredients, my candles are VEGAN –  vegetable base wax, hand poured with a cotton wick.

WhiffLoves ™ guarantee. If it does not smell fantastic, burn beautifully from start to finish. Simply return it for a 100% refund.

Our Private Lable program is a TRUE niche boutique fragrance company.

How do you say Thank you?