The fragrant story of“Refined” begins with the meeting of cultural tradition and the modern world of design.  Earthy smells of Canadian wilderness come together with artisan's Italian influences to create a new tradition built on quality and sincerity. 



The Intercontinental Barclay  is a Scent Strategy.  The focus - JuniperBerry from the lobby GIN bar.  This creates the custom lobby scent, in which offers 5 line extensions that capture an amenity program.

A scented story that captures taste - smell - design- touch - SENSORIAL

The grand revolving doors of The Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto are your gateway to an olfactory enchantment. Close your eyes and experience the luxury of an aromatic journey like none before...  “Champagne and Caviar”.

fragrant Stories


Samsung looked to Pepe, to create the unique Olfactive Brand, "Samsung Smart Scent". Focusing on Generation Y's love of shopping, Pepe designed the Samsung Smart Scent to facilitate an atmosphere of play and innovation that would spark interest and enthusiasm in the store.